Our Core Values
What We Believe
The following paragraphs simply summarize what we believe as a church family. We believe the Bible and teach it to be perfectly true. Every belief and teaching of Bible Baptist flows from God’s Word. For a more detailed account and description of our doctrine, feel free to request a doctrinal statement from the church office.

We love God and declare His matchless worth in corporate worship and in every area of life. We practice adoration of God in the celebration of communion, corporate prayer and singing. (Acts 2:42, 43)


We choose fellowship with others individually and in community groups, as we humbly and sincerely practice the “one another” commands of the New Testament. We encourage believers in Christ to share the gifts and talents God has given them so that the Body of Christ, and in particular, the local church, is built up. (Acts 2:42, 46)


We dig deep into God’s written word, the Bible, because it is foundational to spiritual growth, motivating spiritual maturity in all of our thoughts, words, and deeds and leading us to grow in grace and Christ-likeness. As a church, we practice this value during our Sunday and Wednesday teaching times and in our community groups, as well as by encouraging personal Bible study and discipleship. (Acts 2:42, 46)


We serve others because service is a primary means of expressing relationship with Jesus Christ, and a vehicle for expanding and strengthening God’s kingdom. We choose to serve people within and without the church, reaching out to meet both spiritual and physical needs. (Acts 2:44, 45)


We choose love for our neighbors as the beginning point for evangelism, and in that context of love, we take the initiative at every opportunity to build bridges with those who have not yet believed the gospel, and pursue opportunities to explain the good news that Jesus died and rose again to save people from sin and death. We encourage every believer to share this with those who don’t believe in Christ and to pray they will believe, be baptized, and grow as disciples. (Acts 2:41, 47)

The Bible Way to Heaven
What does the Bible say about life after death?